Sleepless in Seattle, or How I Spent My Spring Vacation

Two weeks ago I took my wife and my 93 year old mother to Seattle for an overnight trip. Two days/one night was all we could wedge in between our work schedules and my impending jury duty. Mom had been home staring at the TV for a month straight, I had been working a lot and taking care of her, Tuyen was working and deep in her college studies. I felt we all needed to get out of the house. My homebody wife didn’t agree, but I felt she needed to see a new place and I needed to get away to someplace different.

The exit ramp to downtown Seattle from I-5 takes you immediately to the center of downtown. At the first stoplight, the overwhelming presence of homeless people was evident. To the left, a guy holding a sign asking for money...

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Living in balance: STUFF

You can’t have everything….where would you put it?
-Steven Wright, comedian

Lately I have been thinking about all the stuff we consume, collect, and throw away. I’m not sure where this propensity to gather so many things, some useless, originates. I’m sure I could find an expeditious answer somewhere on the internet, but it’s more fun to talk about.

I have been dealing with this propensity to keep stuff I don’t need, for all of my life. Where did I get this trait? Was it inherited, or was it a learned trait? I have my own terminology for it: Gatherer’s Syndrome, or GS. My father had GS. It took the form of building materials. Where did he get it from? He did grow up during the Great Depression...

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Living in Balance: Bags

Reusable totes-the easy option
From time to time I plan to write a series of blogs about living life in balance with our planet. I have been wondering for a long time, well before this downturn in the economy, just how long we in the US can sustain our rate of consumption. It seems that we use so much in such large proportions; many people have their own home, we drive the biggest cars, with the biggest engines, we buy STUFF, lots of it. I’m not talking about useful items or necessities, but special use items that last maybe a year and then end up in the landfill and are non-recyclable. I’m thinking the kind of cheap techno gee-gaw you might get at the Sharper Image or Brookstone. It’s obvious how reliant we are on the escalating value of homes and their sale or resale...

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Blogural Address

Well, this is it, my first blog. I am new to blogging, but I feel a need to do it. More on that later.
First, let me explain the title of my page. The i is for me, I, Uncle Rick. It’s also a concession to the fashion of using the small letter i before everything, like iPod, iPhone, etc. I’m sure Apple will be contacting me soon about the use of their letter. I imagine, though that soon the iPod will develop into something like the earpod, or ePod, another multifunctional electronic cockroach attached to the ear and communicating with everything. Soon the small i shall be a note in history like big hair in the 80′s and big SUV’s, well, right now.
Cogitate (kajetate) is defined as thinking deeply about something; meditate or reflect on. It sounds obscure and thus original...

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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