Successful Parmeter Christmas


With the weather cooperating and the stars aligning, virtually all in the Parmeter family gathered at Doug & Joyce’s rural home to celebrate Christmas. It was a chance for some first time meetings, with Ben & Suzy presenting new-born Claire, and Ryan bringing his toddler Raif. It was also a chance to greet newlyweds David and Carmel. It’s so nice to see our family growing and even nicer to get together.

Joyce showed off their slick new cooktop and oven, evident in the beautiful perfectly-browned Turkey that they served. As usual, the great food at this family event was upstaged by the comfortable social atmosphmere of a family that meets far too infrequently. It makes you long for more of these events.

Capping off the day was the gift exchange. The theme of bringing something that was made in the place where you live was, I thought, very successful. It makes for some great gifts. The white-elephant style rules made “stealing” OK, with the hot gift item being the Jubelale/Tillamook Cheese/Octoberfest Sausage bag. It think it was stolen twice. Everyone seemed quite happy with their gifts. Great idea Joyce!

2 comments to Successful Parmeter Christmas

  • Laura  says:

    It was a great time! Wonderful picture by the way! The food was awesome… especially the stuffed squash! I just love going out to Doug and Joyce’s place; it so beautiful out there!

  • Joyce  says:

    The Parmeter fling was definitely a fun day! We were missing Britt and Keith to make a 100% showing. There were a couple days I was wondering how we could handle the crowd but all went well, the weather cooperated, and unlike the Bossom Christmas of the previous year, the kids didn’t get stuck in the mud of the pond! Wilma was more removed this year which reminds us that we need to treasure the time we have left with her. A summer campout could be in order. Some of us are re-thinking the stockings for the kids. We might question whether we want to narrow the field to books or art supplies or something less plastic in the interest of being more responsible ecologically.

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