Parmeter Family Christmas

dsci0210 This year Doug and Joyce are offering to host the family Christmas dinner at their place in Sheridan. Joyce would like ideas from the family posted here on my blog page so we might get a consensus. She suggests that it be held on the Saturday(26th) or Sunday(27th) following Christmas day. Joyce has an idea for a gift (exchange?) made, grown, or produced in Oregon for under $ 20.00. For fairness, I would say those family members residing out of state be allowed to bring something produced in their state. Anyway, please post your comments here so we can plan for a joyous Christmas celebration together.
And speaking of holiday celebrations, I still have not heard from some of you Parmeters as to whether you will be attending our Thanksgiving celebration here in Beaverton. Please contact us soon if you have not done so, as we would like to know how many guests to prepare for.
OK everyone, weigh in with your comments!

10 comments to Parmeter Family Christmas

  • Anne  says:

    I will support either one of those days. And I like the idea of doing something handmade, or local. So even busy people can figure something out. I look forward to seeing everyone then!

  • Carla  says:

    I love the idea of having our Family Christmas a day or two following Christmas day. Saturday(26th) mid-afternoon/evening works best for our family but we are flexible if that does not work for someone else. Mom and I are already brain storming on our made, grown, or produced in Oregon gifts. Great idea Joyce!

  • Joyce  says:

    I would like us to do stockings for all the little kids….. that would be the grandkids and GREAT nieces and nephews for us. Sorry, Anne and Carla and all you other Parmeter kids…. you’re still cute but you’ve been bumped up into adulthood! It might have to be a bring your own stocking sort of thing or I could make tags for all the kids and make do with something. We hang our stockings each year so the hooks will be up and ready.
    What time of day works best for Wilma? People can get here anytime that works for them…. I like the idea of eating around 1:00 or 2:00…. at least the first time! Let us know what works for you.

  • Laura  says:

    I would like the 26th also. I also like the idea about bringing something grown or made from the state. I had better get on it and find a rattlesnake from around here… that is grown in this state. Just kidding! Hmmm… that is going to be fun just coming up with something! Hey Ben… California…. Intel…. laptop… just saying ;o)

  • Uncle Rick  says:

    •Yeah, Ben..California..something made from the tree in his yard!

    •We can get Wilma there about noon-1PM.

  • Nancy  says:

    I think the 26th would be easiest for us and all our house guests that will be needing to go back to work on Monday (in the OR outback) or leave the State in a day or two after that. One PM sounds about right….. Claire may have another idea, but…….
    Thanks to Doug and Joyce for hosting this. It sounds like lots of fun, as usual.

  • ben  says:

    Ha! I’m not sure about a new laptop, but we can certainly bring something from California that’s handmade. Really great idea! We’re looking forward Christmas in Oregon!

  • Joyce  says:

    Great! I don’t want to blog but I sure like the idea of getting family feedback this way! Rick and Tuyen did a wonderful job of hosting Thanksgiving and we all had a great time. I’ll e-mail the Christmas info to Rick and see if he’ll start a Christmas in Sheridan entry for December 26th. We’re excited about Christmas . . . we even have a new range and cooktop as of Black Friday!

  • Ingrid  says:

    This is great! We will be there. I would vote for about noon or 12:30, as I have two nappers at 1:30 or 2. Plus I get really hungry… doesn’t anyone else get starving around 11:30 or am I the only one just like Grandpa Si?

  • Carla  says:

    Hey Joyce, Ryan and his two little boys (Gavin and Raif) will be attending the Christmas party as well and I just wanted to make sure they made it on the list of little kids getting stalkings :) My Mom has stalkings that she can bring if we go that route. We’re having a hard time coming up with ideas for stalking fillings with so many different ages….any ideas?

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