Back after a few months, and another year older

pb040213Yesterday (Wednesday) marked my 46th birthday. I’ve been a little under the weather lately, nursing along a mild sore throat/head cold thing, so celebrating was not really at the top of my list. Forty-six is shamefully close to that impending mark of 50, a turning point in one’s life, I guess. I don’t feel near 50, I barely feel 40. I was sort of hoping for my birthday to just slide by unnoticed. That didn’t happen, which in a way was nice. I got a phone call from a close friend who never forgets, and some nice e-mails from family. Thank you all.
Tuyen had talked about going out for dinner (Chinese buffet), but with my nose beginning to run, I felt it unwise eat out, especially at a buffet. One of my peeves is when people go out into public sick, wrecklessly sharing their viral bacteria with everyone. That decision was sealed when Tuyen was called to work to fill in for someone who was–sick. How poetic. All the better.
Not feeling like cooking and as an excuse for a downgraded fete, I got some Kentucky Fried Chicken. In hindsight, it’s not my favorite food, as I might have chosen something else since it was my birthday. It came to mind because it is Mom’s favorite, a meal she will devour, and it’s agreeable to us all. Mom and I dined with the Colonel, waiting for Tuyen to come home at 8:30 PM. To my surprise, Tuyen came home with a nice cake and one of those sentimental cards that nearly brought me to tears. What a nice surprise. I guess I would not be allowed to just slide by on my birthday.
So where have I been since June? I have been busy working. Since spring, it’s been continuous work. It seems odd in a time when so many others in my profession are out of work, but that is the fluid nature of my work. Jobs come as the people I know are ready for their project to go forward. This summer, I was completely consumed with Kendall and Kieth’s remodeled mid-century modern home. Situated in an ideal location, backed up to the top end of a park, south facing, this is a place to live for a lifetime. A great family home location. I was hired to craft their kitchen and master bath vanity. Everyone seems happy with how things turned out. Their kitchen is a place with lots of space and storage for their growing family and I hope will function well for all their future needs.
There is still work awaiting me, but for now I am slowing down for a little while, taking my time. All the things that I put aside are now being addressed: cleaning the shop, repairing tools, maintaining vehicles, preparing the house for winter. And getting over my cold.
Here is a summary of some other events in my life this summer/fall:
• Took Mom and Tuyen on a 2-1/2 day vacation to Crater Lake. Took in Crater Lake, Medford, Jacksonville, Applegate Valley, Grant’s Pass, Wildlife Safari, and Roseburg. Great trip. I’ll blog more on that later. p6180144
• Went to the Oregon State Fair. Tuyen and I took one of her girlfriends from PCC, a highschool student studying English Language. Her name is Que Anh, but sometimes we call her “little sister”. It was a great day of exhibits, junk food, music, and cheesy commericailism.
• Deceased: Richard William Parmeter. For those of you who remember cousin Rich, I was notified in September of his unfortunate passing. He died in his sleep at age 52, on July 16th. He had been living in Crescent City, CA with his son Richard Silas Parmeter, who attends college there. This was very upsetting to me as we were very close during my college years. I lost track of cousin Rich, and I feel like I should have done more to track him down and stay in touch. Yet another person I regret not making more time for, who has passed away too soon.
• It was a great year for tomatoes. We grew many different kinds, ate a lot of them fresh, canned some as tomato sauce. Also grew summer squash, bell peppers, green beans, lettuce, eggplant, cucumbers, and spinach, all with varying degrees of success.p9130198
• At the end of July, Tuyen earned her driver’s license. Hooray!!!
• Bought Tuyen her own laptop (Windows system) and installed wireless router.
Windows, ugh, don’t get me started.
Well, I think that brings us up to date. I do plan to elaborate on some of the above subjects later. Really. I hope. Before I get busy again.

7 comments to Back after a few months, and another year older

  • Ingrid  says:

    And I am approaching 37, which seems close to 40, which seems unbelievable to me.
    Man! Life goes by!
    Dining with the colonel. That’s funny. Get some chickens and you can dine without the help of the colonel.

  • suzy  says:

    Happy (belated) Birthday! It’s amazing how quickly the years fly by…

    Congrats to Tuyen on her driver’s license! That’s fantastic!

    We’re looking forward to seeing you in December… until then, rest up, conquer that cold and have a fabulous thanksgiving :)

  • Joyce  says:

    Age is definitely relative! I certainly don’t feel 66 now anymore than I felt 46 back in the day. Anne being born when I was 40 and Doug was 44 was a big part of us always feeling younger than our years. Remind Tuyen that having a baby will keep you young even though I remember during that pregnancy being surprisingly reticent about admitting my age (although probably not quite as embarrassed as our 12 year old Kirstin).
    Happy to hear you had a good birthday and very sorry to hear about Richard. Fifty two is too young to die and the shock makes it harder to bear.

  • Laura  says:

    Happy Birthday!

    Yeah, I can vouch for what Aunt Joyce says. Having a baby at not quite 40, but close, makes me feel young… especially since the child is an active boy! I am constantly required to leap and sprint after our little guy. Very different than the girls, that’s for sure.

    I can’t believe Rich has passed! I actually thought about him lately. That is just too bad! I also can’t believe his son is in college! Dang, does time fly!

  • Kirstin Parmeter-Nusser  says:

    Happy Birthday Rick!
    Don’t fret- dear Uncle. I still have friends who are older than you- hip people whom I actually hang out with! You are nowhere NEAR old- I’ve seen old.

    I was saddened to hear of cousin Richard’s passing. I have some fun memories of him too : ) I remember when we first connected with him and his family. That was really neat meeting him.

    Get well soon and give Grandma a huge hug from me. Say Hi to Auntie Tuyen!
    P.S. The kitchen at K&K’s is gorgeous! You sure have come a long way with your trade! Amazing!

  • Anne  says:

    Wow, you guys are keeping busy! And Kendall’s place does look fabulous. I can’t wait to see it in person.

    Does Tuyen like driving? Beaverton is probably a cakewalk compared to Ho Chi Mihn!

  • Joyce  says:

    This request doesn’t have a lot to do with your birth, Rick, but could you possibly open up a blog item on Christmas? I’ve dropped an e-mail to Stan & Nancy and to Dave & Connie looking for input on when to have the Christmas get together. I am hoping that Doug & I & family are hosting it out in Sheridan this year. I am suggesting the Saturday or Sunday directly after Christmas Day (which is Friday, Dec. 25th). I am also suggesting a made/grown/produced in Oregon gift under $20.00 for adults and stockings for all the children. BUT…….. I want and need ideas from everyone else. So many new and wonderful happenings that need to be celebrated….. David’s marriage and Claire’s birth…… anything else? If you and Tuyen could open the discussion and people would weigh in with opinions and preferences, I would greatly appreciate it. Many thanks!

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