May Day Riot

Sorry for not posting more to my blog, kids. Between work and my responsibilities, Uncle Rico has been slammed. No time for meaningful blog creation. All work and no play has made Uncle Rick a boring husband. Getting a break between jobs, Mrs. Parmeter and I escaped for rare day out.

We decided to catch the Woodburn Tulip Festival on one of it’s last days. We ventured south to the Wooden Shoe Tulip farm on the last sunny day of the week. Most of the tulips are fully open and past their prime, but the absolute riot of color is overwhelming. Is this what heaven looks like? If the ocean was multi-colored, this is what it would look like, as the alternating rows of undulating color roll in waves before you. If you have been there before, you understand. Even Mrs. Parmeter was inspired to grab the camera and take a few pictures, which were actually quite good.

In a few days, most of these flowers will get their heads chopped off. Ah, beauty is so fleeting. If you have not been to the Tulip Festival, it’s worth the trip, but you’ll have to wait until next year.


Dreaming of Tulips

Dreaming of Tulips

3 comments to May Day Riot

  • Kirstin Parmeter-Nusser  says:

    Ooh- I recognize those dark purple ones as queen of the night. What beautiful pictures! Glad you managed to get away for a few hours.

  • Laura  says:

    Oh, so when did you go? We were just there! (Saturday). It was raining like heck, and the flowers were closed up again judging from your entry. It was still loads of fun, even though it was really, really muddy. I think that Dale’s favorite part about the place were the deep mud puddles. He would jump into them as if they were swimming pools. The flowers were just as pretty wet, with rain drops dripping from their petals.

  • Ingrid  says:

    You chose a good shirt for that trip!

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