Wardian Case Terrariums


I thought I would try something new and create a product of my own design without a ready market. Wardian cases came to mind as something that might have some appeal as spring begins to come around and people are starting to think about gardening. In researching the market for Wardian cases I found that the selection of new cases was rather thin, and all of them appear to be imports. Some of the most detailed cases seem to be antiques. So, I decided to be the only aparent maker of new Wardian cases in the US.
So what is a Wardian case? In the mid-1800′s, an English doctor by the name of Nathanial Ward discovered that seeds and plants would flourish within the self-contained environment of a sealed bottle. This is what we now call a terrarium...

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Blog Challenge & Recipie

At Thanksgiving dinner I threw down a challenge for those family members with blog pages to update them if they had not written a current blog. I remember when many of us aquired blog pages on parmeter.net, and the regular writings were always of interest, no matter how mundane. It was a great way to get updated on family in between the major functions when we finally see each other. To my surprise, at least two of you have responded, which is great to see. So, after 16 months of non-bloggyness, I am finally writing again. It’s good to be back. I hope to read your blogs as well.

Anne requested on her blog, which she has so beautifully update, that I print the recipie for the Curried Acorn Squash dish that I made for Thanksgiving dinner...

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Our Totally Awesome Redwoods Vacation Part 1

A month ago me and Tuyen took a few days to vacation in the Redwoods of Northern California. It was our first trip of just the two of us since Tuyen arrived here in the US. We had an awesome time, and really fit a lot into the time that we had.
My first surprise was how quick the drive was to Crescent City, CA. Going down I-5, you detour through Grants pass on Highway 199, which is basically a straight shot to Crescent City. I was expecting a long 7 or 8 hour drive, but the six hour drive was really quite pleasant. Highway 199 goes through some beautiful countryside in Southern Oregon and Northern California. Your first taste of the Redwoods comes as the Highway narrows near the Smith River and snakes through a part of the Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park...

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Surprise! Snow!


Those of you who left town after the big family Christmas party had good timing. Yesterday afternoon the valley area received a surprise snowstorm with accumulations of 2″ to 5″, depending on where you live. We got at least 2″ here in the banana belt of Beaverton.

We were all planning to drive to Stumptown for Ingrid’s birthday, when to our surprise, the skies dumped a load of snow. I started watching the TV for reports on the road conditions. All the news crews immediately head for the Highway 26 overpass at Sylvan to witness the impending chaos. Conditions deteriorated quickly, as one TV crew filmed a Tri-Met bus, futally sliding backward down the Sylvan ramp. It looked like disaster in slow motion, but fortunately for them there was no accident...

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Successful Parmeter Christmas


With the weather cooperating and the stars aligning, virtually all in the Parmeter family gathered at Doug & Joyce’s rural home to celebrate Christmas. It was a chance for some first time meetings, with Ben & Suzy presenting new-born Claire, and Ryan bringing his toddler Raif. It was also a chance to greet newlyweds David and Carmel. It’s so nice to see our family growing and even nicer to get together.

Joyce showed off their slick new cooktop and oven, evident in the beautiful perfectly-browned Turkey that they served. As usual, the great food at this family event was upstaged by the comfortable social atmosphmere of a family that meets far too infrequently. It makes you long for more of these events.

Capping off the day was the gift exchange...

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Family Christmas Update from Joyce

After much consideration…
On December 26th we will be serving a regular Christmas Turkey feast since we have a 28 pound turkey and a new convection oven. We will ask everyone else to bring something to help out plus dessert or goodie plate. I’ll make a Christmas punch and provide coffee and/or tea. Other beverages will have to be brought in if desired. We will be having stockings for the children and a made, grown, and produced in Oregon (or point of origin) gift exchange which should not exceed $ 20.00 for all who wish to participate. We’ll park our vehicles down in the field and will ask that you leave the space by the immediate entry open for Wilma. We’d love to have you here by noon...

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Parmeter Family Christmas

dsci0210 This year Doug and Joyce are offering to host the family Christmas dinner at their place in Sheridan. Joyce would like ideas from the family posted here on my blog page so we might get a consensus. She suggests that it be held on the Saturday(26th) or Sunday(27th) following Christmas day. Joyce has an idea for a gift (exchange?) made, grown, or produced in Oregon for under $ 20.00. For fairness, I would say those family members residing out of state be allowed to bring something produced in their state. Anyway, please post your comments here so we can plan for a joyous Christmas celebration together.
And speaking of holiday celebrations, I still have not heard from some of you Parmeters as to whether you will be attending our Thanksgiving celebration here in Beaverton...

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Back after a few months, and another year older

pb040213Yesterday (Wednesday) marked my 46th birthday. I’ve been a little under the weather lately, nursing along a mild sore throat/head cold thing, so celebrating was not really at the top of my list. Forty-six is shamefully close to that impending mark of 50, a turning point in one’s life, I guess. I don’t feel near 50, I barely feel 40. I was sort of hoping for my birthday to just slide by unnoticed. That didn’t happen, which in a way was nice. I got a phone call from a close friend who never forgets, and some nice e-mails from family. Thank you all.
Tuyen had talked about going out for dinner (Chinese buffet), but with my nose beginning to run, I felt it unwise eat out, especially at a buffet...

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Remembering Si

Silas Parmeter, 5/2/15-4/10/04,with Wilma

Silas Parmeter, 5/2/15-4/10/04,with Wilma

Remember this guy? The grand patriarch of the Parmeter family was born on this day (May 2nd) in 1915. He used to claim that he was born on May 1st, or May Day, back when May Day was big deal. That was until I actually looked at his birth certificate. Were he alive today, he would be celebrating his 94th birthday. He came of age in a time where horses were still a common form of transportation and was witness to the effects of the Great Depression and World War II. He was a proud and devoted father of five boys. Although sometimes blustery, he prided himself on being able to provide for his family...

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May Day Riot

Sorry for not posting more to my blog, kids. Between work and my responsibilities, Uncle Rico has been slammed. No time for meaningful blog creation. All work and no play has made Uncle Rick a boring husband. Getting a break between jobs, Mrs. Parmeter and I escaped for rare day out.

We decided to catch the Woodburn Tulip Festival on one of it’s last days. We ventured south to the Wooden Shoe Tulip farm on the last sunny day of the week. Most of the tulips are fully open and past their prime, but the absolute riot of color is overwhelming. Is this what heaven looks like? If the ocean was multi-colored, this is what it would look like, as the alternating rows of undulating color roll in waves before you. If you have been there before, you understand. Even Mrs...

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