another year down

Well, it’s now officially 2013 and time again to share my progress.  Last year I posted about my progress from 2011 after changing my diet and lifestyle.  I posted a graph showing my 41 lb weight loss of the course of the year.  This year, I’m continuing the trend and posting my progress yet again.  While not as dramatic, the data is quite interesting and is motivating me to do even more to work on my body fat percentage and muscle mass in general.

Without further delay, here it is:



So there it is.  I’ve managed to shave off another 15 lbs, and maintain that approximate weight for several months.  I’ve also brought my body fat percentage down within a more reasonable range.  While all this is good news, I’d really like to improve my fitness through regular exercise.  I suppose I could be lame and make a New Year’s resolution to start running or something silly like that, but honestly, I don’t think that’s motivational enough for me.  Given that Suzy has slated several backpacking trips for us this summer, I may be motivated by that to start a fitness regime.  Who knows.  Now on with 2013.

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