accessing your files from anywhere, revisited

Previously on this blog, I’ve written about how you can access your files from anywhere using freenas and ajaxplorer or ssh.  Given that I’ve switched to Ubuntu server, I wanted to clarify that the ssh method still works great, and in fact can be easily accessed via Android apps as well! (I should have titled this post “Access your files from anywhere with Ubuntu Server”)

Regarding accessing your files from Android, I’m sure this would also work with iOS devices as well, however I’m personally an Android user.  All you really need is a file manager or FTP program that can talk to an SFTP server.  I personally love EStrongs File Explorer and recommend it for general Android file management.  It also supports SFTP, perfect for accessing your SSH FTP server and all of your files.

Simply poke a hole in your router (I would suggest not using port 22) and route to your Ubuntu server SSH port 22.  Easy as pie.

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