aahhh! ads!

For those of you who may not have ad-blocking software installed in your browsers, I apologize in advance.  If you do have an ad-blocker, then you probably won’t notice anything at all. (great job, pat yourself on the back)

I’m experimenting with Google adsense, to pull down some revenue for this site.  Now that I’m getting around 100 hits/day to this blog (wow, really?!), I figured I would try to see if I can’t get a bit of cash back.  Hopefully it’s not annoying to the point of disgust for my readers, but I’m hoping for some extra dough to help supplement the cost of running this site (which is really not that much).

Maybe I’ll move my popular posts to an entire new webpage… maybe.

Here goes nothing.

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  1. Cool… I paused adblocker for you and actually got a pretty awesome add for Lumosity Brain Games! You just earned your first $0.00001 🙂

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