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Quick post this evening.  Caving to peer pressure and the fact that my domain/hosting was expiring soon, I have moved to a new hosting provider.  Thanks to P-Cass for the tip, I am now saving money and enjoying a much faster more responsive server.  Hooray!  One more reason to start blogging more regularly again.

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  1. Hi i have been thinking of do the whole freeness to ubuntu switch over and have been running a test computer on ubuntu but have problems with samba.
    have samba working just fine with one exception.

    it is slow!!

    i can’t seem to stream video off ubuntu. Do you have any tips or solutions


  2. @argothian: Could it be your hardware? I found that my ability to improve the transfer speeds with Samba were directly proportional to my hardware config. Strangely enough, having my system running off of USB flash device was limiting my overall server speed and throughput. Now that I have switched my server over to run from an SSD the throughput has improved significantly. It’s quite simply amazingly fast and I stream video from it daily.

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