a year of results

The year 2011 just flew by.  I’m happy to report that after a year of dedication to a new weight loss strategy, I actually got some pretty good results.  Let’s re-wind a little.  Way back in April of 2011, I briefly touched on my efforts to lose some weight over the course of the year.  Back then, I was talking about this new fad diet and how I had little motivation to exercise.  At the beginning of the year, I started the slow carb diet (inspiration from Tim Ferriss) and started meticulously documenting my weight and body fat percentage daily (also documented my measurements).  I’m proud to say I kept it all up over the entire year.

Only one thing has changed since then. I’m still on that fad diet and I still haven’t found my motivation to exercise.   However, my weight has dropped pretty drastically despite my sedentary nature.  I dropped over 40 pounds during the year to be more accurate.  That’s more than three (3) average sized bowling balls worth of extra weight that I was carrying with me everywhere, putting stress on my bones, my heart and my mind.

This is great and all, but there is another good 10 or so pounds that I need to drop to be back in the normal weight category (right now, I’m still overweight for a 6’1″ dude).  So, this year I resolve to actually start that exercise at least a couple of times a week to move that body-fat percentage down even more, and hopefully lose those last 10 lbs in the process.  I’ve been thinking that getting back into running again might do the trick.  However, Suzy and turned me on to this whole rebounding thing which involves a trampoline (how fun is that?).  While I feel pretty silly effectively bouncing on a tiny trampoline (and probably look pretty silly too), it leaves my muscles sore and jelly-like after only 20 minutes of jumping.  Seriously… even my abdominal muscles are sore.  NASA can’t be wrong about this… 

For additional motivation, I’m posting my 2011 data here (call it a public humiliation diet tactic).  I apparently love fads… slow-carb, rebounding, public humiliation.  I’m such a chump.


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