Remember a couple of years back where I made a rather bold, stake-in-the-ground, statement in a blog post?  Back then, I had such a different, pre-dad point of view.  It was such an innocent time.  A time with boundless amounts of energy, optimism and vanity.  At the time, it was all about maintaining that youthful, kid-less image.  It was about caring about style over function, performance over comfort.  At the time, a cross-over SUV seemed like a way to cling to those values, while getting some small level of practicality.

Mark your calendars (if you’re keeping track at home).  On August 12th, 2011 my will was finally broken and I have become a mini-van owner.  This post-dad point of view is 100% on-board with a mini-van and the lifestyle that it promises.  Mini-van’s are all about convenience and comfort.  They’re all about capacity and doors that open themselves with the push of a button.  They’re all about cup holders and arm rests and tinted windows.  They are about incrementally improving the family travel experience.

Just like last time, this is a new era.  An era that I fully admit that I resisted before but have come to completely embrace.  Next time I’m thinking about taking a stand on the topic, I’ll just remember this humbling moment when I waffled.


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