fourth of july on the arcularius ranch

Welcome back from vacation, internet.  I hope you all had a great weekend.  Suzy and I just came back from a fun-packed, all-American weekend.  We stayed in a cabin out on the Owens River, near Bishop, CA.  Our friends family owns the cabin and the amazing ranch that it sits on.  And they were super-kind to invite us and quite a few other friends to crash their ranch over the fourth of July weekend, free of charge.  It truly was an uniquely American event with high desert fun including horse shoes, skeet shooting, barbecues, fireworks, beer, fly-fishing, etc…

Photo’s of the festivities can be found in the gallery as usual, or simply click this link.

Erik and Kristi, Howard and Linda – Thanks for giving us an unforgettable fourth of July!

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  1. Ha! It sounds like you had a taste of everyday life where I live! Well, not with fly fishing… you have to travel about at least 20 miles to do that kind of thing here. I am glad that you had lots of fun!

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