i’m on a boat

Well, we were on a boat recently.  A really, really big one.  Suzy and I recently went on a super-cheap cruise from San Diego to Catalina.  This was indeed, our first official cruise, ever.  The old adage “you get what you pay for”, held true for us.  And while we were a bit underwhelmed by the experience, I would say I would definitely do it again.  But it would have to meet some more stringent cruise specifications.

Enjoy some of our pictures here in the gallery.

I’m on a boat.

4 Replies to “i’m on a boat”

  1. That’s funny. More stringent cruise expectations? You guys could come to Kobe. We have some ports. Hell, see if they can drop you off under my bridge and I’ll walk down and pick you up.

  2. Those are some dang good pics there, Ben! What underwhelmed you? It looks like that was an awsome experience!

  3. The pics definitely paint a different picture. It was a new and interesting experience, don’t get me wrong. But it was definitely a low-quality cruise line with mediocre everything. We were both unimpressed with the food. We’re not gamblers, so the casino was out. The shows were, meh. Basically not a whole lot for us on the cruise.

  4. But you’re on a boat! You’re on a boat!
    Now I am laughing all over again.
    Yeah, I never thought I’d be on a boat!

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